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Engineering caseCOLUMN NAME
petrochemical industry
the company mainly produces and sells pipe fittings, flanges, pipe materials, elbows and special parts, which are sold to the upstream (land and marine) petrochemical industry
oil and gas industry
oil and gas industry is one of the industries for the installation of oil and gas and other mechanical pipeline connection systems, including the exploration, production, refining and processing of global petroleum products
power plant
stainless steel products play an important role in many of these new technologies. As part of the product library, you will find it in such new technologies as nuclear power generation, tidal energy, solar panels Application examples of geothermal energy and other important low-carbon or zero carbon processes
pharmaceutical industry
stainless steel can be used in reaction vessels, storage tanks, pumps, piping systems, heat exchangers and dryers in pharmaceutical processes. Stainless steel is widely used in pharmaceutical production because it meets important industrial requirements and is corrosion resistant
chemical industry
these industries need high-performance and high-grade alloys, which can withstand higher levels of corrosion and harsh conditions. We are famous for its corrosion resistance and fatigue resistance under high temperature and corrosive medium conditions
food and beverage industry
the company mainly produces and sells pipe fittings, flanges, pipe materials, elbows and special parts, and the products are sold to the food and beverage industry
sugar industry
the sugar industry is no different from other industries because many brass components are used for various reasons, such as export. The outstanding features of the outlet include high corrosion resistance and perfect operation even at high temperatures
paper industry
we have developed a series of products to reliably meet specific requirements, optimize maintenance and ensure the safe production process of the industry
cement industry
the cement industry needs strong and durable high-performance castings to produce the required products. Our professional technology includes meeting the special needs of various cement production and processing machinery and equipment
food industry
Hebei Yingke pipeline equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of pipe fittings, flanges, pipe elbows and special parts for the upstream food industry

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